A Different Road

Eyes-wide-open stories on the daughter who has shaped my life.


“It makes me sad when people see my daughter and come to a conclusion about her in just seconds. Meredith is creative, funny and empathetic. It’s like I want to hit pause and tell the world she has goals and friends and more than anything wants to be engaged. She is everything but a four-second glance. “

Meredith and Me book by Sarah Barnes

When Sarah’s daughter Meredith was seven months old, she and her husband received a devastating diagnosis about Meredith’s brain. Although they faced many obstacles, their determined daughter helped them find hope and humor in the face of unthinkable challenge.

It doesn’t trouble me that kids see Meredith as a student who needs an aide; it troubles me when they don’t see her at all.”

—Sarah Barnes, author of Meredith & Me